Making art part of everybody, we also seek to make everybody part of the dance written within this elaborate choreography of history. We want our art to also talk to the fruit & vegetable vendor, the garland maker, the chef or even the tea brewer. These are the same people whose sense of aesthetics go beyond the awe-inspiring nature of art and art forms, rekindling the curiosity that give sustain life and living. Complexities are often cured by simple curiosities; art is not just overwhelming, it makes living relevant. We want to make art part of everybody.


The Founder-Director of the company VishwakiranNambi has been in the professional dance circuit for over 15 years in India. Having been the Principal Dancer and Youth Director at Nritarutya, Bengaluru he branched into Dance Film direction and choreography with the multilingual short dance film ‘Neeye’ [‘Neeve’, ‘Neene’]. He established VishwakiranNambi Dance Company (VNDC) in the year 2018, which continues in the pursuit of dance filmmaking, movement art training, artistic curation and dance education.

In the same year he envisioned LOKA Studio for Movement Practices and Art which was established under VNDC. The newly established studio was woven into a space that makes art accessible to the wide spectrum ofboth fledgling and seasoned movement artists.


We sincerely try to localise choreography of the several things that happen each moment. Our tryst with dance therefore, springs from the potency of simple life moments; this we share with several artists who journey with us.

We impress upon our artistic practice to suit live performances and dance film productions, so to bring the best experiences to our audiences.

Dance is my
poetic banter.

Support is a very big word. It can be asked of those with big hearts, bigger the heart, deeper pocket.

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