We aspire to be the moving memory of a curious world full of possibilities that are
accessible, localised and relevant. This curiosity is our inheritance, the only thing that
can go beyond beauty, symmetry and ritual.

We practice our Contemporary Artform of Movement as an attempt to mimic the
curiosity of the honesty of life we experience and feel around us. In doing so, VNDC
provides an industrial platform for movement artists to train, learn and professionally
localise choreography everyday about every moving moment

ARTISTIC repertoire

Jaaga illa stemmed out of the dire need to find expression to the pent-up concerns and frustrations of congestion in a metropolitan like Bengaluru. The piece reflects the concepts of congestion by recreating the popular visuals of packed busses, temples and ticket counters. The piece also hints at migratory patterns which could suggest the root […]

Yele Oota

Yele Oota explores the inequalities in the distribution and consumption of food. The idea of (over) consumption is discussed through elaborately choreographed conceptual theatrical bits and dynamic rhythmic dances. The piece begins by focussing on the sun being the ultimate symbol of generosity and urges the watcher to emulate the behaviour. It moves on to present concepts like greed, division, accumulation, servitude and ends with the evils of gluttony. The piece also greatly explores the theme of food wastage and the impact it has on the hunger scale of the modern world.

“My earliest memories of my mother is of seeing her in the kitchen – she would be there when I left to school, having just cooked our breakfast and lunch and when I returned, she would hurry back there to dish up some delicious snacks. My last glimpse of her for the day would be […]


Battling through the contradictions posed by my personal beliefs and the value system that is my inheritance. It felt like I had a choice to make – a choice between finding my place and my

peace. Does adherence mean losing myself and rebellion – defying and denying my lineage? A paradox that the world itself seems to be grappling with today – not defined by nation, class or creed. I am trying to define for myself the tradition I want to be a part of and what it means to my ecosystem. It feels like I am in a no-man’s land – between my inherited beliefs and my independent ones – not defined by tradition but defined by what then? It can be lonely and bewildering at times but also strangely liberating. Maybe these paths converge to lead me out of the woods.

This journey and its peaks and valleys are what I have attempted to explore through the choreography. In my culture, walking on burning coals (or a pyre) is seen as a way to attain spiritual salvation / enlightenment. Physical trauma for spiritual liberation? A journey with me through my conflicts. “

Dance is my
poetic banter.

Support is a very big word. It can be asked of those with big hearts, bigger the heart, deeper pocket.

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